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St. Francis of Assisi American Catholic Church is a missionary parish in the Old and Independent Catholic tradition. This means  we are a community of beleivers bound together by a faith in God and expressed in Western Catholic form. We trace our historic roots through the ancient church of the Netherlands. While we have been seperated from Rome since the First Vatican Council, we still share a common adhearance to scripture, tradition, the sacraments and liturgy.

Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, we here at St. Francis do not place artificial barriers to the sacrament and a full and complete church life. Denominational affiliations, divorce and remarriage, and issues of orientation will never exclude anyone from recieving validly ordained sacraments.

Our clergy are well trained and educated. Our bishops hold the same apostolic lineage as those in the Roman, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican Churches.

Just because we have "Old" in our name don't be confused. To be "Old Catholic" means we hold to the ancient doctrines and dogmas of the undivided church prior to the "Great Schism" of 1054 A.D.

Our liturgy is the English, post Vatican II Novus Ordo, the same as any Roman Catholic Church.

Our Masses are alive with Holy Spirit.

And finally we are commited to carry out Christ Commision to bringthe Good News to a lost and lonely world and to bring home those "lost sheep" who have felt abandoned and broken by their past church experiences.